Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Not About the Bunny

When I was about 19 in college, I had a classmate that was Christian and such an interesting and funny guy. I loved listening to him go on about religion, philosophy, current events or anything really. The week before Easter, he asked me, "So Laura, what does Easter mean to you?". What a simple question. But boy did I have trouble answering it. I studdered, "uh well, it's a special day I spend with my family. We go to my Grandma's, have a big barbecue cook out, an Easter egg hunt..." He shook his head and said slowly, "Girl, it's not about the Bunny." There are phrases, words of wisdom you remember people telling you. This is something that stuck with me and every year at Easter I always remember that conversation.

Now there is nothing wrong with what I said about having barbecue, Easter egg hunts, spending the day with family. But what he was trying to tell me was that I also needed to remember the true meaning of the day. God sent his Son to this world, to die for our sins. He suffered for us. He died for us so that we could have eternal life in heaven. Then after his death, three days later, he rose again! It's just mind boggling to me, how God loves us so much he would send his own Son to do this for us!

I wish I could tell my friend from that Chemistry class that I now know the true meaning of Easter. That I know it's not about the bunny! And how grateful I am that he challenged me way back then to have a closer relationship with God. I am forever changed. Have a wonderful Easter.